21 May 2021

Rock Energy signs Letter of Intent for new installation

18 May 2021

Net Trading Group NTG AB announces the lock-up agreement on NTG shares issued to former Rock Energy shareholders; new dates for the Q1 2021 report and annual shareholder meeting

Net Trading Group aquires geothermal firm Rock Energy


19 March 2021

Enhanced LOI with Faroe Islands utility

Rock Energy has signed an enhanced letter of intent with a Faroe Islands based utility company to make a bid to offer energy to the growing Faroese market

Isolated in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Faroe Islands need to be self-sufficient in terms of electricity generation as the Faroese electrical grid is not interconnected to any neighbouring countries

The political goal is to replace around 230,000 MWh currently produced using heavy oil

The challenge in the Faroes is that solar is insignificant and wind cannot provide sufficient reliable energy to the grid.  The only base load source of significance is heavy fuel oil.  Rock Energy’s energy wells could decrease the dependence on heavy fuel oil for power in the Faroe Islands by providing renewable base load energy

Surface heating plant at the National Police Emergency Response Center in Norway

Direct heating of the ground at the helipads

Energy plant consisting of four energy wells at 750 meters depth

Production commenced in March 2019 and the four wells have been in operation since the 2019/20 winter season

Surface heating plant at Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Direct heating of the ground at the engine test area

Energy plant consisting of two energy wells at 1500 meters depth

Production commenced on 30 October 2018 and the two wells have been in operation since the 2018/19 winter season

OSL Airport Gardermoen already requesting more plants – 30+ more Energy Wells for de-icing of the outside areas surrounding the airport gates, de-icing of the runways and general heating of their building portfolio

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