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We make our planet’s geothermal energy available for local needs.

Through cutting-edge technology, and working in balance with nature, we harness the Earth’s inner heat to deliver energy that is stable, local, and independent. We make use of our planet’s existing energy for truly local needs:

To heat
To power
To facilitate

We deliver complete heating systems through the use of the inexhaustible source of energy that is stored beneath our feet. We find future-oriented solutions that match our commitment to deliver our customers an everlasting source of clean energy.




Our solutions offer energy production that is independent and local, and which leads to significant cost reductions compared to infrastructure and distribution networks. Low operational costs and independence from variations in weather conditions and fuel costs make it easier to predict future energy costs. During operation, there are no emissions into the air, water or soil, and the plants operate 24/7 with an expected lifetime of 50+ years.

We heat sports arenas, parking facilities, sidewalks, industrial buildings, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, malls, and residential buildings. We also provide heating, cooling and power to airports, large industry, district heating systems, and combined heating and power (’CHP’) producers, and many more.

Our systems are modular and can be designed and expanded to meet the changing energy requirements of different energy users as they grow.



Electricity is a high-quality form of energy, but it is still widely used to produce heat at low temperatures, including the heating of external surfaces in winter. In many cases, this heat could be replaced by the direct use of geothermal heat from deep inside the Earth: a local, renewable energy source that has minimal environmental impact.

No renewable energy solution can produce a stable output 24/7 and at predictable future energy costs – none, except deep energy wells. The challenges caused by climate change have led to increased demand for energy that is renewable and kind to the environment. The challenge with most renewable alternatives is their dependency on weather conditions and fuel prices, in addition to logistical challenges of transporting fuel and waste.

Until now, the issue with energy wells was that well depths of 200 – 400 meters required a lot of space for larger installations, especially in densely-populated areas where land costs are high, and shallow well depths saw temperatures that were too low for producing power.
We have come up with the answer to these challenges.

With our solutions the need for real space is reduced to a bare minimum and we believe that our energy wells will be a leading application in the heating and combined heat and power market.

The Team

Jan Edin Evensen


  • More than 30 years of technical and senior management experience from the upstream oil and gas industry
  • Experience with major exploration activities in the North Sea, together with significant oil and gas development projects internationally, both offshore and onshore

Henrik Falck

Board member

  • Holds a BSc in Business, HEC, Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • Business visionary and an experienced project manager with many years in international shipping. Founder of the first private ship broking firm in Russia. Part-owner and operator of a fleet of 18 vessels sailing on the Russian rivers. Headed Wilh. Wilhelmsen’s port operation in Russia and the Baltics.
  • Currently in charge of Tschudi Bio Company AS.
  • Chairman of Rock Energy in 2019 – 2020.

Per Arne Myklebost

Board member

  • More than 35 years of senior management experience from business development, labour unions and finance/investments
  • Several senior positions for more than 20 years at Norsk Hydro AS, including CFO of its oil & gas department




We offer international opportunities in geothermal energy, drilling services, project management, support, and administration.

When you join Rock Energy it’s just the beginning. At Rock Energy we pride ourselves on the breadth of opportunities for career development across all areas of our business and operations.

We know that our people are key to achieving our goals through a diverse and outstanding workforce. Our aim is to recruit and retain the best talent by providing an environment that challenges, encourages, and supports growth.

We recruit from all areas of expertise and actively seek to help our employees diversify and develop their individual expertise.

Any current vacancies will be listed on this website or you can email us with an open application for any future opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you.

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